Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

The Dark Side of Contact Lenses

As we know the contact lens is a lens made of plastic material corrective. These lenses are worn on the cornea of the eye. Originally created to replace contact lens glasses that impaired vision.

However, the growing age, contact lenses now talah become a trend to complement the appearance to make it look pretty. Moreover, contact lenses now have many choices of colors.

In addition to the benefits, while the dark side of contact lenses you need to know. If you often use would interfere with the health of your eyes. Consider the following review.

1. The issue of the cornea. In inserting or removing contact lenses, the finger will be in contact with the cornea of the eye. If frequent then this will create blurred vision and even swelling of the eye. This is due to lack of oxygen that goes into the cornea.

2. Inflammation of the eyelids. Using contact lenses is possible inflammation of the eyelids. Some people usually only experience mild inflammation. However, this will make you uncomfortable.

3. Dry eye. Other negative effects that often arise from contact lens users are dry eyes. Biaanya contact lens users will be lack of fluids in the eye. This occurs for users of soft contact lenses and contact lens rough.

4. Allergic reactions. The use of contact lenses may experience an allergic reaction. One of them is the eyes turn red. Biasanay This is because the lens preservative solution.

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